Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Your website is only as valuable as the number of people who visit it.  Making your site visible to search engines will ultimately bring you new visitors who could be your next new customer.

SEO is the process of getting your site predominantly listed in organic search results.  These organic search results are the listings that the engine determines are the most relevant to the search query.  The goal of SEO is to rank among the top results in order to be the most visibility.  In theory, the more visible you are, the more likely someone will click to your website.

The criteria used to determine relevancy continues to evolve as search engines get smarter.  The basic elements of SEO take into account web page content, website structure, inbound links and a slew of other criteria with varying degrees of importance.

A full scale SEO program is a complex and time consuming process that requires consistent monitoring and updating.  It involves understanding the latest updates to search engines algorithms, continual research of popular keyword phrases people are using to find your business and a thorough process for bringing qualified, quality visitors to your site.